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Jiu-Jitsu Gathering for a Great Cause

Just wanted to start saying thanks to Jeff Howe for being my training partner. Rolling with him this week was amazing and fun. Thank you for helping me push myself. That also applies to all my students for motivating and inspiring me. 


Open mat this friday was amazing, thank you Chad and the BlackLions for coming down to visit the headquarters! Same goes for Jon and the MaskoBjj guys! 


Saturday was one of those moments that you could see jiu-jitsu truly unite people. This Saturday: Kroyler Gracie, James Clingerman, Alan Stockman and Chet Schemahorn did a Charity Seminar together. 100% of the proceedings were donated to the Community Harvest Food Bank. 

Chet, Kroyler, James and Alan

Chet, Kroyler, James and Alan

The seminar had a great turn out, 50+ people were present, and with 4 different black belt instructors all covering a different aspect of jiu-jitsu everyone got to take a lot of knowledge home. 

Amazing Turn out

Amazing Turn out

This event brought in over $2700+ and 100% of it went to the Community Harvest Food Bank


This event like many others of its kind are simply further proof that Jiu-Jitsu brings people together. It amazing to see the powerful positive influence that Jiu-jitsu has on the individuals that practice it as well as the community in which it is practiced in.