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Fighting From Day One

This is a quick brief recap of my interaction with a very different but nonetheless interesting pair of guys...

Roughly 3 years ago, one of my students, introduced me to John and Thomas McGuin. I chatted with them very briefly as we were in a tournament and I had to go coach some of my students that were about ready to compete. I told them they were welcome to visit me and my school whenever. 

About a week later they dropped in and asked if they could participate, I said sure. 

Soon after that initial meeting they decided to start training full time at my school. With a very good base it was easy to refine the talent that was already there. 

Soon I found out that John competed in MMA, and he had interest in venturing into it some more. After about a year of training john got hooked up with BlackHouse MMA, and he flew out there and trained with my cousin Ryron Gracie as well as some really good up-and-coming guys at the BlackHouse HQ. 

He came back from the training camp ready to fight. Check out the above video for a quick highlight reel. 

John and Thomas have both sacrificed a lot to continue training and focusing all their time and energy to it. And their progress was very noticeable. 

John repping the best gear company in the business... Phalanx!

John repping the best gear company in the business... Phalanx!

On March 26th of 2016 John showcased his hard earned skill set in his second Pro MMA fight (video bellow): 

Looking forward to seeing where John and Thomas's martial arts career takes them.