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April 2nd, 2016 Master Stambowsky visited our school and taught a seminar....

Master Stambowsky

Master Stambowsky

I picked him up early that day and had breakfast with him, showed him around the small town of Elkhart prior to taking him to my school. 

A life long pursuit to mastery

A life long pursuit to mastery

We arrived at the school and almost immediately he started giving off his most contagious positive energy to everyone present. He talked and joked with all the attendees. Soon after that everyone had their gis on and the seminar was starting. 


Stambowsky started off the seminar explaining that there are 4 key aspects of Jiu-Jitsu that need to be understood and applied to any and all techniques you ever learn or teach (You'll have to come in and ask me in person what those 4 key principles are)...


He started off by teaching basic clinching techniques, followed by a takedown. He followed it up by teaching submission follow ups to his Self-Defense Clinching Techniques. 


He proceeded then to teaching some more advanced Guard Passes and a couple sneaky submissions. 


Seminar was concluded as the 2hrs flew by and minds were blown with the amount of detail and mastery and insight on these techniques. 

A most amazing seminar... Thank you as always for everything you have and continue to do for Jiu-Jitsu. 

A most amazing seminar... Thank you as always for everything you have and continue to do for Jiu-Jitsu. 

My takeaway from this seminar was very simple.. You make think you know Jiu-Jitsu, that is, until you get to experience what true mastery is like. Stambowsky showed us that yes you may "know" a triangle, but your level of knowledge depth on the triangle is nothing compared to his. He earned his over years and years, a lifetime, of practice and study and obsession over this technique and this art. 

We can all take that lesson to heart, that no matter how old or young, how experience or inexperienced, how athletic or nonathletic, how much you "know" or dont know, what your rank is or isnt, you can always master a technique or an art should you never quit learning and relearning forever. In simpler words, be forever a student of the art, learn from everyone, and never give up the search for perfection.