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The birthday gift

What do you give a man that has everything he wants? Well that is the dilemma I find myself in every year for Howe's birthday. Lets backtrack a little, Howe is a friend, training partner, doctor, brother and mentor. I have known him for over a decade now, and when his birthday comes around I am always grasping at straws as I dont know what I could ever give to a man that has everything he wishes for. That is until a few years back when he asked me to roll with him nonstop and as real as I could for one hour. I asked him are you sure? He said yes. He wanted to know that he could push through and do an entire hour regardless of his age or mine. Well we have done that ever since for his birthday. He has always pushed through and completed the hour, a most impressive feat in my eyes. Nothing but respect to you Howe, you are as I said before a brother, a mentor in and out of the mats and an inspiration to everyone that knows you.