Kroyler Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy News

Congratulations Chad and Jesse!

I met Chad roughly 3-4 years ago and our friendship quickly took off. He became my first affiliate soon after having his first few classes with me. Since then I have gotten to know him and out of the mats. 

I soon noticed his skill level growing very quickly which meant he was taking what I was teaching and he was practicing it in and out. That showed me his ability as a student. 

But focusing on yourself is easy. We all want to be good, so when we find a routine or a path to getting better we all focus on it. We as humans like doing what we know we are good at. So I knew he was a good dedicated student. 

But as he represented me as my first affiliate I wanted to see if he would also grow as an instructor. 


Soon I saw his school growing, his students were all progressing very well. But his ability as an instructor was solidified in my mind when one of his students came to visit my school for a private lesson with me. He wanted to review a few things he had been working on with Chad. That student, Jesse, showed me the techniques he wanted to work on, and review, and check that he was performing them correctly. 

It was a very pleasant surprise to see that the techniques he was performing and had questions on were nearly flawless. This was proof that Chad was teaching in the manner I expect of myself. He focused on the overall growth of his students as well as his own. Jesse was proof of that. Very much like how Chad was a dedicated student under me, so was Jesse under Chad and I. 


Jesse isn't the only one of Chad's students that is excelling and on the path of a constant growth. Morgan and Ben and many others are also excelling, which further cements my faith on Chad and his teaching ability. 


This Saturday I got the pleasure to promote Jesse to Purple belt after an amazing display of techniques. As well as Chad to Brown belt, Chad is my 3rd Brown belt ever. 


Thank you all that came out and showed support to Chad and Jesse. Again congratulations to both of you.