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Grappling Dads Podcast: 

Grappling Dads Podcast: "We’re two old dudes who love Jiu-Jitsu and happen to be fathers. We’re a weekly podcast that answers a lot of common questions you might have about BJJ, as well as questions you’d never thought to ask. While we’re not experts...clearly, we have them on hand to answer the questions that we can’t. Namely, Kroyler Gracie, among others such as Paul Elliot from "

The GD podcast has become more of an online and worldwide family that helps and supports each other whether we’re just contemplating signing up at a gym for the first time, struggling with physical and mental issues in the sport/art, getting the BJJ blues, competition butterflies, etc...  It’s not just for the grappling dads out there, it’s for everyone who loves the lifestyle.

Join the conversation on the flick chat app and join grapplingdads, or email us with any questions, comments, or concerns at

I have a question..

I have a question..

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Yes we are open! Click here for more info!

Yes we are open! Click here for more info!

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